Micro IT Store Ltd Re-seller Program

Micro IT Store Ltd Re-seller Program is enables members to earn revenue by reselling all our products/services.


We will setup for you, a non-branded e-commerce website, similar to our website, you or we can branded it with your business name and you business logo. Our Technical support and Development department will be ready to support you and your customers.


Also, we will setup a sample of all our products/services, branded with your business name and logo, linked to your e-commerce website.


You can add websites for rent, hosting plans, domain services, and other products/services as much as you can, to your e-commerce website.


Our development department will add new products/services, every two weeks. We will update your e-commerce website with new products/services.


If you have an ideas to improve our services or business with us; we are more than happy to discuses it; our developers and technical ready to implement new ideas.




Setup fees: 500 euro (non-refundable)

Setup time: one week

Monthly payment: 50 euro




Details on Profit, Please contact us



‘Re-seller’ Skills of Candidate:

1.  You should have the ability to make a simple feasibility study on the market and draft your own business plans and goals


2.  You should have a basic working knowledge of how to run a business


3.  You need to be friendly and open to everyone


4.  You need to develop and possess communication skills


5.  You need patience and understanding to be able to effectively help, guide and support the needs of your clients



Please send your request to: