About Us

 We are a Group of Engineers, Limited Company (LTD - Private Company Limited by Shares), Registered in Ireland, Company Number: 607125; Interesting in Web Developments and Windows Developments.

We are a team of well qualified professionals committed in providing the best and on-time services for the convenience of the clients

We are happy to gather the Client Requirements; translate it to Design Specifications, select the technology that must achieve the goals and compatible with the Web Server or Company Server; Build the Web Prototype; let the Client use the Web Prototype; take Client Feedback and Re-Build the Web Site/Applications or Windows Applications; Verification and Qualification the Web Site/Applications or Windows Applications to be 100% according with the Client Requirements, Client Feedback and without any bugs.

We are doing Technical Support, We can be your IT Department; Installation, Troubleshooting, Configuration and Resolving the issues; Support your Web Site/Application or Windows Applications, Re-Design, Upgrading, Updating, Fix any bugs in codes, Back-up & Restore, Migration of Web Site/Application or Windows Applications.

Our Servers are based on Microsoft Azure Cloud  , Microsoft’s commitments for uptime, connectivity, networking SLAs, bandwidth, latency, performance........ Microsoft Azure is fast, really fast: Speed of deployment, Speed of operation and Speed of scalability..... Closely integrated with other Microsoft tools.....

We are using Windows Server Operating System  , With 75% share of the operating system and software market, Microsoft products are regarded as the standard option for most businesses. Majority of clients using the Microsoft server hosting use the Active Server Pages (ASP) technology. Also, clients can even create a site using the interface of Microsoft tools, for example, Visual Interdev, Microsoft FrontPage and Microsoft Access. With the assistance of ASP, you can undoubtedly create a site that is driven by a database using Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL as the database.

In Same time, our Servers are Supports PHP and MySQL. You can use our Servers to Host or Develop any Software based on   Windows   or   Linux  

You can Pay by Debit Card or Credit Card, using ,  Also We are accepting BitCoin   cryptocurrency, using  

If you would pay using bank transfer, or if you would transfer BitCoin to our BitCoin address, Please Contact: Sales@Micro-IT-Store.ie

Our Postal Address is at: National Software Centre, NSC-Campus, Mahon, Cork, T12 XY2N, Ireland. +353 21 234 8115